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Three (2013)

Three (2013) #4
The three Helots continue to elude Nestos while the latter listens to a scout about how best to reach them. It is unclear at first who is being misled in this story. A showdown happens and the ending is a lulu. This series is pure entertainment!

Three (2013) #3
The search continues for three Helots charged with killing a Spartan ruler. This story is part history and ancient geography lesson and part action and suspense. This series continues to delight.

Three (2013) #2
This issue begins with Spartiates massacring Helots who, in return, kill an ephor (ruler) of Sparta. There is a long stretch of this book where Spartan King Kleomenes II argues with the other ephors about what to do. The consensus is that he should hunt down the three Helots who killed the ephor. What happens next is anyone’s guess.