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Uncanny (2013)

Uncanny (2013) #6
This series grabs your throat and runs with it! A man named Styles shows up at a restricted area and uses his power to make people turn on each other. Maggie and Weaver look for a way out and look for a sought after prisoner to take with them. Lots of action and intrigue in this one! Rated teen plus, this series continues to amaze!

Uncanny (2013) #5
This is a real page-turner! Weaver is imprisoned in some kind of testing facility and Holly and Deek are trying to find where. Rated teen plus, everything about this series is wonderful!

Uncanny (2013) #4
The pages fly by in this issue! Weaver puts together a team to retrieve a briefcase. To say there is a lot of action in this issue would be a great understatement. Rated teen plus, this series is simply fantastic!

Uncanny #3
Wow! This series doesnít disappoint. High stakes espionage and skullduggery aplenty in this issue. Weaverís been tapped to steal a valuable briefcase and is offered a handsome amount for it. But everything is not what it seems Ė or is it? Rated teen plus, this oneís a keeper.

Uncanny #1 (2nd Printing)
Thereís more action and intrigue than you can shake a stick at in this issue. Rated teen plus, itís unclear why Dynamite re-released the pilot of the title.

Uncanny #2
This is great! Thereís action, intrigue, and solid character development. Rated teen plus, this is a must-have!

Uncanny #1
There is chock-a-block action in this issue. It is engaging in its entirety and leaves the reader wanting more. Rated teen plus, itís not bad and #2 should be worth buying.