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Vampirella (2010)

Vampirella (2010) #38
Vampirella finds herself in hell, where the evil Beatrice forces Lilith to watch her daughter be attacked by prisoners held there. Dracula also makes an appearance. Rated teen plus, this is an enjoyable read!

Vampirella (2010) #37
Vampirella is sent to the Gulf of Mexico to discover the sunken remains of an ancient vampire kingdom while her mother must follow instructions from a newly decapitated Beatrice (a.k.a. Sister Midnight). Rated teen plus, this issue has a lot going for it!

Vampirella (2010) #36
This story arc ends on a poignant note. Vampirella is recruiting creatures from around the world to join her new kingdom. She’s changing and her lover, Adam Van Helsing, confronts her. Pantha also makes a cameo appearance. Rated teen plus, this is a really good book.

Vampirella (2010) #35
This tale is solid storytelling. Vampirella finds herself in battle with dragons and religious zealots. Artist Heubert Khan and colorist Michael Mat Lopes have put together an excellent looking issue. Rated teen plus, we await the next installment with baited breath.

Vampirella #34
Vampirella tries to create a safe haven for monsters but gets more than she bargained for. Rated teen plus, this first of a two-parter also unveils some of her background. Read this.

Vampirella #33
There’s voodoo magic afoot in Cote de Soleil, which looks a lot like Haiti. Vampirella is hardly seen in this, the final issue in the arc, as demons and magicians square off. Rated teen plus, this is somewhat entertaining.

Vampirella #32
A lot of dialogue sets up this two-parter. It has interesting moments but pretty much drags. Rated teen plus, let’s hope the next issue is better.

Vampirella #31
This story arc is finally over. It is full of confusion and frustration. Rated teen plus, 

Vampirella #30
The storyline is confusing – there’s simply too much going on during too many timeframes. Rated teen plus, this one can be skipped.

Vampirella #29
Sometimes, there’s just too much story. It is difficult to sort out all of the players and time-traveling locales in this issue. Rated teen plus, there’s not enough action in this issue.

Vampirella# 28
Heubert Khan Michael’s illustration and Mat Lope’s colors are fantastic. There’s a lot to be said of this series, most of it good. There is action in hell and intrigue topside. Also, the ending is truly surprising. Rated teen plus, it’s worth a read.

Vampirella #27
This is the first part of a story arc called “Theories of Relativity.” It features Vampirella’s mother who is visiting her daughter as well as a person who is deeply in love with Vampirella. The story is brisk and engaging. Rated teen plus, let’s see what happens next!

Vampirella #26
This installment, called “The Sleepless Boys,” has Vampirella hunting down a creepy killer. However, she doesn’t plan on what happens when she finds him. Writer Brendan Jerwa does a fine job of spinning the yarn. And artist Heubert Khan Michael’s pencils are perfect for the story. Rated teen plus.

Vampirella #25
Ho-hum. The “Hell on Earth” story ends here, thankfully. This is not one of the series’ better issues.

Vampirella #24
First of a two-part series, unholy beasts have been unleashed on the world and face the Sisters of the Scarlet Legion. The curvy heroine is caught in a war between chaos and order in this Teen plus tale.