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Vampirella: Southern Gothic (2013)

Vampirella Southern Gothic (2013) #5
Still in Mississippi, Vampirella and Jacob square off with a very tough demon. While a decent issue, the end of the series is somewhat disappointing. Rated teen plus, the title is worth a read.

Vampirella: Southern Gothic (2013) #3 (of 5)
This story just keeps getting better and better! Thereís love, betrayal, and action, loads of action. Vampirella also finds assistance from a most unlikely ally. Rated teen plus, if you havenít picked this title up yet do so immediately!

Vampirella: Southern Gothic #2
Vampirella faces the flip side of southern hospitality as she tries to solve a mystery. This series is thoroughly enjoyable. Rated teen plus, youíll get your fill of demonic action.

Vampirella: Southern Gothic #1
This oneís got it all: action and gore thatís knee-deep, intrigue, magic, humor, and a little romance sprinkled on top. Rated teen plus, this promises to be a very compelling and entertaining series.