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Vampirella Strikes (2013)

Vampirella Strikes #6
This issue is chatty with angels and demons aplenty. Rated teen plus, it is so-so.

Vampirella Strikes #5 (of 6)
Vampirella has teamed up with fallen angel Janus to seek answers. They have a run-in with creatures from hell and learn more about their predicament. This oneís okay. Rated teen plus.

Vampirella Strikes #4 (of 6)
This series is interesting. Vampirella and a fallen angel attempt a mission but are beset by both good and evil players. The wisecracks fall short and are an annoyance. Still, it is worth sticking with this series until the end. Rated teen plus.

Vampirella Strikes #3
Vampirella and her companion seek out the origins of a potent new drug made with the blood of angels and demons. The story begins with the reminiscences of an angel and then switches to our heroine. She enters a place both good and bad entities visit but finds leaving not so easy. Rated teen plus, itís a real page-turner.

Vampirella Strikes #2
Vampirella is recruited by Heaven to help locate a missing angel general. She teams up with an outcast angel to find him and faces demons along the way. Given the last panel the reader waits on tenterhooks for the next issue. Writer Tom Sneigoski and artist Johnny Desjardins have put together an intriguing story. Rated teen plus.

Vampirella Strikes #1
Our heroine in this one hunts demons on the rain-soaked streets of Boston. She is caught in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell. This issue is a great setup for the following. A very good read.