Reviews of Dynamite Issues

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Voltron (2011)

Voltron #12
Ho-hum. Too much chatter in this outing. So much it takes an act of will to read to the end. Rated teen plus.

Voltron #11
There’s a lot of chatter in this issue and precious little action. As Allura, Keith, and Sven mull their options, the reader could care less. Rated teen plus, this one’s a swing and a miss.

Voltron #10
This series is turning out to be a lot of fun. Lots of action, intrigue, and suspense. It appears writer Brandon Thomas and artist N. Steven Harris are really enjoying working on this title. Rated teen plus.

Voltron #9
This book has it all: action, adventure, political intrigue, and a planet under siege. Rated teen plus, the reader will be waiting with baited breath for issue #10.