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Warlord of Mars (2010)

Warlord of Mars (2010) #33
John Carter and Dejah Thoris seek information from the dark library of the Therns to find a way to defeat Tardos Mors. Rated mature, this is a solid issue!

Warlord of Mars (2010) #31
This is the first of a five-issue arc called “Tyrant of Mars.” John Carter opens one of the twin spires over Helium and finds something (or someone) quite unexpected. Rated mature, this storyline is off to a good start!

Warlord of Mars (2010) #30
The last of the “Savages of Mars” story arc, this one is fun to read. The pages just fly by as John Carter and Tars Tarkas face certain doom until… well, just read and you’ll find out. Rated mature, this issue shows Tarkas’s version of justice.

Warlord of Mars (2010) #29
In this, the penultimate issue of the story arc, we witness John Carter fight Tars Tarkas. The pair have been duped by the yellow people and are forced to do battle. Rated mature, this is a solid read.

Warlord of Mars #28
John Carter plays detective while looking for an assassin who is a step ahead of him. Carter’s companion, Tars Tarkas, is suspicious of the help they have received from a yellow person. Rated mature, this issue is full of intrigue.

Warlord of Mars #27
There is treachery afoot and John Carter and Tars Tarkas are determined to get to the bottom of it. This issue is a quick read despite how talkative it is. Rated mature, this is a fine part of an interesting story arc.

Warlord of Mars #26
Part one of six, this story arc is very enjoyable. The green men of Mars are engaging in hostilities, to the point where others are calling for their extermination. But a yellow concubine has information about why the greens are behaving as such. Rated mature, this series promises a wild ride.

Warlord of Mars #25
This, the final chapter in the story arc, is solid. Not great, but solid. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed. Rated mature.

Warlord of Mars #24
Part four of five, this issue finds John Carter racing to shut down the Guardian of the North in order to save a fleet on its way to rescue him. There’s plenty of action and intrigue. Rated mature.

Warlord of Mars #23
While there is action and intrigue aplenty, this issue is disappointing. Part 3 of 5 in the “Carrion Caves” story, the reader just wants the tale to end and soon. Rated mature, there is more than enough gore to go around.

Warlord of Mars #22
John Carter continues to pursue Matai Shang, who has Dejah Thoris as a prisoner. He meets up with Thuvan Dihn, jeddak of Ptarth, and faces new perils. By the last panel it seems there’s no way out of the situation… or is there?