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Wheel of Time (2010)

Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #35
Hereís another one that is loaded with dialogue and little action. Rated teen plus, only fans of the series will truly enjoy it.

Robert Jordanís the Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #34
Rand, our hero, discovers powers that may dwarf all others. He becomes a force for good and faces an old, evil foe. In fact, the whole story is about good and bad, light and darkness. The bad guys are really creepy. A good read. Rated teen plus.

Robert Jordanís Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #33
An intrepid troupe seeks the Eye of the World. While they have help from the Green Man (a cross between an Ent and the Jolly Green Giant), they are followed by others who wish to do them harm. For those who like sword and sorcery, this one is a must read. It is rated teen plus.

Wheel of Time #32
The band of travelers head to the blight, a land of great heat and decay. It is almost impossible to keep track of every character and the series is mostly text. Die hard sword and sorcery types will undoubtedly love this. Rated teen plus.

Wheel of Time #30
Loial the ogier leads humans to a portal that will help them in their fight against a dark power. Rated teen plus.